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My name is Edwina. I have been researching my maternal grandfather’s branch since 1989. I called him Papa. But the world called him Albert Charles Escalante. Or Alberto. Or Tony. I interviewed him in 1981 for a 7th grade project. He passed away in 1984 and I realized, only too late, I didn’t ask enough questions. This process is a wonderful ride. I am part Sherlock Holmes, part Crazed Spectator. I have discovered cool events and sad stories. I realize my family is very human, but I love them all. Their circumstances help me understand their choices which invariably affected me as well. Without the help of generous and kind people, I could not do this. I welcome you to look around. Maybe we are cousins…..

I am a member of the National Genealogical Society and the Payne County Genealogical Society. I am currently working to obtain status as a Certified Genealogist.

P.S. – I really enjoy exchanging information. If you have any questions/comments, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

And one more Post Script – This blog site is a product of my research. My intention is not to find information that hurts feelings of those who are currently alive. I am very open to all of what I find (to the best of my ability) because I have no expectations. I hope that what you read here settles well with you. I work to document my findings with more than one source. Oral histories are just as valid to me as paper trails. Sit back and enjoy the ride your ancestors went on. It can be lots of fun.

30 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. Rosemary Palacios

    My great grandmother was Anita Escalante Romo and great grandfather was David Romo Sr. My Grandmother on my mother’s side is Carmela Romo . I came across your website as I was looking for more information about my Aunt Mary from San Diego and how my great grandmother was related as Aunt Mary is Ramirez and great grandmother was Escalante. Of the Escalante I remember Maria Luisa Escalante , lost contact when my family all past away. Last time I seen her was in Mexico City at my Aunt America’s house. Can you tell me more about Maria Luisa. Is she still living? Would like to hear from you. My name is Rosemary Palacios my mother Anita was daughter to Carmela Martinez Romo Navarro. My mother die in 1980 and grandmother died 1982.

    1. murpher2 Post author

      Hello Rosemary,

      I am so pleased to hear from you! One of the reasons I put this site together was to hopefully find more family. And! it worked. I will send you a private email so we can discuss more.

      Thank you for visiting the site. Edwina

  2. John Beller


    I’m a relative of Margarita Escante (Blackburn). I have not been able to find out any history on Roman or his wife. There are some family stories of his arrival in the US. But have not been able to verify any of it. Have you found anything additional and/or can you put me in touch with the Blacburn you referenced who is doing some research.


    1. murpher2 Post author

      Hello, John,

      I am almost positive there is a link. My gut instincts say there is. BUT I have still been unable to find it. The names I have for Margarita Escalante’s parents are: Ramon Escalante and Jesus Sacramento. My great-uncle Jose was supposed to have visited Margarita’s son, Frank, in Bisbee, stating they were cousins. When I see other Blackburn family trees on ancestry, there are never branches up the Escalante side. I had initially thought it was because Blackburn was the main interest. (Many families only look up one branch.) But it could be because Margarita’s family is very elusive. 🙂

      I went back through my messages on ancestry.com and found that I messaged a woman named Lessie in 2010. She has several trees. Her screen name is bowweb77. If you have a subscription, you could send her a message. If that doesn’t work, I’d be happy to send her your contact information.

      Margarita’s sister, Sara, lived with the Blackburn family. Her Death Certificate might give information. Margarita’s DC (http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/017/10172106.pdf) has the limited info we know.

      I would love to be able to help you more. I really would! Please let me know if you find out anything. Maybe between the two of us, we can find more. I hope this helps. Good hunting, Edwina

      1. John Beller

        Roman has truly been a mystery. The family story is that Roman was tied in with Maximillian and that after he lost power, Roman fled to the United States. The story, though very vague is that Sacramento was some sort of French royalty. I did not put a lot of credibility in this story. But based on my DNA analysis, there may be more to it. My father grew up in Bisbee before moving to California. Incidentally, Long Beach that tie onto some of your relatives. Because there does not seem to be any records of Roman or Sacramento and if the story is true, maybe they changed their last name when they allegedly fled to Arizona. If they truly were ties into Maximilian, they might have needed to. They likely would not have been accepted by the community if they had not. This is truly an interesting mystery. My father and mother are going drive to Texas this Fall (he’s 86 and amazingly sharp) and on the way back they are going to stop by Bisbee. I need to find some threads for him to pull. When I first started looking into this I thought it was just a family myth. But there does seem to be something more to the mystery.


        John Beller

      2. murpher2 Post author

        Wow! So much to think about! I sent you a private message as I had an attachment that wouldn’t send via this blog. I love that your dad is interested too. 🙂

    2. murpher2 Post author

      Hi there! I hope you get this response. I am also on ancestry.com. According to the DNA test my family has done, we ARE genetically cousins to Margarita Escalante Blackburn. My theory is her father, Ramon, and my GG Grandfather were brothers. I’m not sure if you have access to ancestry. Please send me your private email and I can invite you to look at what I have online. Thanks! Edwina

  3. Eliza G Palacios

    My grandfather was Jose Cruz Palacios I came across this website when my sister posted it on facebook. Amazing what you are doing to learn about our family history.

  4. Grace N. Basquez

    Hello Edwina,
    My name Is Grace Nuño, my mama is Maria Elia (Valencia Palacios) Nuño, her Mom , my nana is Victoria Palacios Valencia & I just found this page. Although I’ve seen some of your pictures & findings shared by family members a long while back. This is so interesting Thank you for your work! Awesome! I have a Facebook page called Wednesday Night Family Night if you don’t mind sharing there as well. My mom is from Mexicali & Calexico. Gloria Cruz is my cousin whom shared some articles about your findings.

  5. Laurie Arroyo Fagin

    Hi, I’m looking for information about my Valenzuela Family line. If you recognize any of these names will you email me back. Thanks, Laurie
    Bernardino Valenzuela b. 1833
    Married Doloras Silvas around 1873 in Sonora Mexico. 1876 they’re living in Pima Az
    Doloras was married three times. 1.Arvizu 2.Rabago and 3 Bernardino Valenzuela. She had children with all three men. Children: Francisco Arvizu, Jose Rabago, Jesus Valenzuela, Bernardino V, Carlos V , Epitacio V, Joaquin V and Lupe V. In 1915 they lived in Nogales Az

      1. Laurie

        Hi, I can’t dind your email back. Would you mind trying to send it again. The original question was about my Valenzuela Silvas Ortiz family. My email is lfagin123@gmail.com
        Look forward to hearing from you.
        Thanks, Laurie

  6. Laurie Arroyo Fagin

    Hi, I seem to have lost your email. I found an old photo of Jose Maria Valenzuela. At least I am almost positive it is him. The photo also has my Great Grandfather, Jose Epitacio Valenzuela. I don’t know where it was taken but there are 3 people in the photo. Jose Marie, Jose Epitacio and another man. I have the photo on my phone and want to send it to you to and see if you think its the same person. In my photo Jose Maria is a bit older than the one you have posted (travel manifest 1927) His hair looks more salt and pepper. If they are the same person than my Great Grandfather Epitacio was probably related. You have so much info on the Valenzuela family it may give me some clues as to where to find more info on by Valenzuela branch if there is a relation. Funny thing, I had seen the photo online but at that point didn’t know what Epitacio looked like. My Uncle posted old family photos so know I know. I ran across the photo again and recognized Epitacio at once and thought that I had seen Jose Maria before but couldn’t place where until today. I ran across your site again and there he was. Crazy! If your interested please send me your email again. my email is : lfagin123@gmail.com
    Thank you for your time 🙂

  7. Dan King

    Edwina – I’ve been researching the Romo family in Ures for a few years. I found the marriage dispensation for David Romo Sr. a couple of days ago, and it proved an irresistible puzzle that’s led me to your impressive work! Combining a couple of your pieces of information with my sources, I just found the hard evidence of David Romo Sr.’s paternal line. If he was part of your lineage, I’d be interested in sharing the info we have to see if it helps.
    – Manuel Romo, widower of Jesus Trujillo m. to Juana Bustamante in 1865 in Guaymas
    – Tertiary transcription of the 1828 marriage of Manuel Romo to Jesus Trujillo in Santa Fe, NM, which notes Manuel’s parents, Francisco Romo and Teresa Martinez (for whom I have extensive documentation – another very large family)
    – The evidence from Ures supporting that Manuel wasn’t in Ures for a period sometime between his birth and return to Ures in 1839, to make the 1828 Santa Fe excursion believable
    – David’s baptism record in Ures in 1856 as an illegitimate child
    – Baptism of their other daughter Juana in Guaymas, 9 days after they were married
    – The extensive Romo tree in Ures that Zach O’Hagan and I have derived back to about 1732.
    – A handful of other descendants of Juan de Dios Bustamante that wound up in Ures

    Both Zach and I have DNA kits, and I’d like to check whether there’s a match. (Conflicting records say I am, or am not, a member of the Romo line. Zach definitely is a member.) Do you have a GEDMatch or FTDNA kit for anyone descended from David Romo Sr.?

    –Dan King, texasking@yahoo.com
    (You can find my research on Ancestry, the Sonora Mexico Historical Tree.)

    1. murpher2 Post author

      Dear Dan,

      I’m so glad you found me! I will head over to Ancestry and look you up. I have a feeling you have some serious keys to the puzzle. I will send you a private email and we can chat.

      Thanks, Edwina

  8. lexhamby


    I’ve had quite a year. Back in December I did an Ancestry DNA test and, nine plus months later, I am no closer to understanding the results, but they’ve led me here.

    I see you’ve a lot of content, which I will definitely read. My connection to this, I think, is through the Carbajal side (my closest DNA matches), which I see that name briefly appearing on this blog.

    I’ll keep reading with the hopes of finding more clues.

    Would definitely appreciate the opportunity to stay in touch. Maybe you know how some of the pieces I’ve found fit together.



  9. M Cecilia Limon

    Hello Edwina
    My daughter just sent me the link to your blog, she is thrilled with all the data that you found!
    Days ago my sister was asking me about who you where, as I looked at your photos on facebook I recognized you, you look so much like your mom!!
    I’m Cecilia eldest grandma Sara’s granddaughter , you are an excellent historian!!
    I was asking my dad about some events in the family just a week ago!! What a coincidence!!
    Love to learn more.. please say hello to your mom and aunt F.

    1. murpher2 Post author

      Hello Cecilia!! I am so glad she found this site!! It is doing what I hoped it would do. (I look more like my mom every day.) I will definitely tell my mom and aunt you said hello. Take care and stay healthy.

  10. Johnathon C karanopoulos

    Edwina, great information! I am the oldest son of Jorge Limon. You probably haven’t heard of me before I am the product of Carol Karanopoulos and Jorge when they were both in Calexico in 1955. I’ve finally been in contact with all of the other siblings of mine. Love hearing the family history. Would love to here more of my Grandfather Cristobal Limon.

    Jon Karanopoulos

  11. Cheri Nikitas

    Hello, my name is Cheri Nikitas. My great grandmother was Juana Othon. My grandmother was Gregoria Higuera. My father Angelo Nikitas tells me my grandmother had 4 siblings. Sarah, Eloisa, Frank and Rosie. Would love for you to email me.


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