The Trees

I dedicate this page to my smarty-pants son who asked me “Where are all the trees?” Oh sure. Point out the obvious thing missing from my pages! Everyone should be reading all of my posts with the ability to translate it all. Hahaha! So here are all the trees.


Let’s start at the very beginning.

I started off with the above tree. I had interviewed my Grandfather when I was in 7th grade. He is listed here as Alberto. He changed his name to Albert Charles Escalante (ACE) by 1936. I didn’t ask him enough information when I was 12. Maybe he thought he could keep some secrets. Through the social media of the day, the newspapers, he is still Google-able. Muahaha.


Going up the Escalante Branch. Family I can Find = Family whose descendants I have found.

This tree above is the Escalante “Up Tree.” By finding one baptismal record, I found Leoanrdo’s two sisters, Ana Escalante de Romo and Maria Ramirez de Barbachano. And a plethora of cousins followed. Pay no mind to the “Not Married” notation between Mariana and Juan. It is true, but no biggie. It just helps to note it as other searchers need factual info. The tree below is full of that.



Ahhh, this tangled web of familial craziness.


I am in touch with various descendants of Francisca Moreno. Margarita’s grandchildren have been especially open with me. I was able to find all of the above information after did their DNA analysis. How could we be related to all of these Valenzuela’s I’ve never seen before? Oh. That’s how. Guadalupe V must have been quite the ladies man.

Down Tree One

The first half of extended down trees of the Escalante children.

I make assumptions that everyone knows their “people.” Many would be your grandparents or even great-grandparents now. Once you know the “one” person, you should be able to find your link downward.

Down Tree Two

So many children…so little paper! The second half of the kids.

This little swarm of family drama straight up the left side is my branch of this family. Rufina had an amazing ability to bear, and keep alive, 9 living children. She might have inherited this from her father. But she did lose 3 – per Tio Fernando’s Birth Certificate.

The Sisters in our Story

The Families of Leonardo’s two sisters.

Mariana Bustamante had several children.  I found three (including my branch) who lived to adulthood and moved to the United States. All three families have become so much to me. If you want to find out more about the above people go to my homepage and then search for the person. An article should come up! Enjoy.

I will update with more trees as I get them doodled. Thanks everyone!