Guadalupe Valenzuela de Garcia

I recently made contact with Margarita Valenzuela’s grandchildren. They have been so wonderfully gracious in sharing information with me. While my blog is generally about the Escalante family, I realize that Rufina grafted the Valenzuela branch onto our tree. Rufina is kind of my favorite and I’m finding so much more about these relations of ours.  So the Valenzuela branch earned its own category today.

The basic run down is this:

Guadalupe Valenzuela married Francisca Moreno in Sonora, Mexico. They were supposed to be from Tecoripa. They farmed in Santa Ana. After he died, Francisca moved to Hermosillo with Margarita.

They had four children which I have been able to find. Those were:

  • Rufina Valenzuela b. 1868 (married Leonardo Escalante)
  • Jose Maria Valenzuela b. 1872 (1st wife – Maria Luisa Lopez; 2nd wife – Armida Palacios)
  • Guadalupe Valenzuela b. 1878 (married Manuel Garcia)
  • Margarita Valenzuela b. 1881 (1st husband – Tomas Gil Samaniego; 2nd husband – Jose Lopez; 3rd husband – Luis Barragan)

This write-up is about Guadalupe. The first time I “came across” this aunt was on Rufina’s death certificate. Guadalupe is the official “informant.”  She was also listed on Tia Panchita’s delayed birth certificate. She was out there as a mythological being, but no one tangible. On one lovely visit to Tio Ruben’s son, he generously opened up his photo album. He is the baby in this picture, with Guadalupe in the center. My heart melted as I saw Rufina’s sister.

Son, Tia Cuca, Tia Guadalupe and Tio Ruben, around 1937, Calexico, CA.

Son, Tia Cuca, Tia Guadalupe and Tio Ruben, around 1936, Calexico, CA.

And then, I had to keep on digging until I found out more. This branch of the Valenzuela de Garcia branch has been very difficult to reach. I have met those who know them, but I haven’t been able to make contact with a direct descendant. Here is what I have been able to piece together. Starting with Guadalupe’s husband…..

Manuel Garcia was born August 17, 1872, in Ures, Sonora, to Manuel Garcia and Trinidad Zamudio. This is Manuel at his elder brother’s wedding. The photo was shared by A. España. She is a relative of the groom.

Back From Left to Right: Trinidad Zamudio de Garcia, Manuel Garcia, Dolores Moreno de Martinez. Groom: Alejandro Garcia Sr. Bride: Maria I. Rosa Martinez.

Back From Left to Right: Trinidad Zamudio de Garcia, Manuel Garcia, Dolores Moreno de Martinez. Groom: Alejandro Garcia Sr., Bride: Maria I. Rosa Martinez.

[If the names sound familiar it is because Alejandro Garcia, Sr. is father to my Tia Panchita’s husband, Alejandro Garcia, Jr. Whew!]

Guadalupe was born in Sonora on September 23, 1878. She and Manuel probably married around 1897. They proceeded to have many children. I’m going to gratuitously list them. You never know who will be doing a Google search. AND, many of my cousins could very well know their offspring, never realizing familial ties.

Carlos Octavio – Born in Ures, Sonora, August, 1898. Married Isabel Guillen.

Victor Manuel – Born in Naco, Sonora, July 1900. Had children, can’t find name of wife.

Trinidad – Born in Nacozari, Sonora, May 1902. Married Luis Noriega Peralta.

Francisca Belen – Born in Naco Sonora, March 1907 (although her gravestone says 1908). Died single.

Hermenegildo Rene – Born in Cananea, Sonora, June 1911. Died young in 1943.

Rene's graduation picture found at the Pioneer's Park Museum.

Rene’s graduation picture found at the Pioneer’s Park Museum.

Enrique Felix – Born in Naco, Arizona, June 1913. If you read his birth certificate below, you will see he was the 11th child born, the 6th living. This would explain the large gap in children between Trini and Francisca, Francisca and Rene. I theorize that he died early as he is never listed in any of the US Census’ later.


Manuel – Born in Calexico, CA,  June, 1915, . Married Enriqueta Davalos.

Guadalupe – Born in Calexico, CA, December, 1917. She died young at the age of 20. She is buried with her father in the historical section of Mt. View Cemetery, Calexico.

Eloisa Martha – Born in Calexico, CA, January, 1920. She married a man named Perez. I cannot find an obituary even though she only recently died in 2003.

I have tried to track various leads, but no one has returned emails. I completely understand. Not every one reaches out to my “we are cousins!” announcements.  The one thing I cannot comprehend, is how, when Tia Guadalupe lived at 910 E. 3rd Street in Calexico, for what appears to be forever, my mom never knew about her.

Tio Ruben obviously visited her. My grandfather returned to Calexico in about 1945. During the time they lived there, my mom (and aunt) have no recollection of every meeting her. As I keep thinking it odd that family lost touch while living in an approximate 25 mile radius, this Garcia family lived on a street that intersects with Giles Avenue; a street my grandfather and his family lived on. Was it bad blood? Were feelings hurt? Was everyone just too busy to chat any more and then slowly drifted apart?

Rufina came to Calexico to be near her Valenzuela family. And yet, there is no connection in present day relations.

One more photo. Tia Cuca, Tio Manuel Garcia, Baby Escalante.

One more photo. Tia Cuca, Tio Manuel Garcia, Baby Escalante.

Tio Manuel died not long after this picture was taken on February 3, 1936. Tia Guadalupe lived at the same house until her death on February 13, 1960.

I have yet to find any more siblings for Rufina, but at this point I’m not going to say it’s impossible. They could even live right next door to me.  A cousin of mine, a son of my Uncle Jim, lives in Stillwater. I’m going to a wedding where the bride’s surname is Valenzuela. Don’t think I’m not going to corner her grandmother by the punch bowl. “Hi. Sooooo, where are your people from?…..”


6 thoughts on “Guadalupe Valenzuela de Garcia

  1. Clara y Cesar

    Buenos dias,
    Soy el nieto de Manuela Garcia Valenzuela, nacida en Ures por los años 1933. Mi abuela se fue de su casa en Ures, a sus 15 años y nunca regreso.
    Fallecio en 2006 pero siempre nos dijo que sus papas se llamaban Librado o Pancho y su mama Rita. Vivio 40 años en CDMX y hizo su familia aca.
    Nunca regreso a su pueblo.
    Nos gustaria saber si ella es de la rama de los Garcia-Valenzuela que usted busca.
    Espero que todavia lea este mail.
    Cesar Dario Juarez Jimenez

    1. murpher2 Post author

      Good Morning, Cesar,

      Thank you for writing. Your grandmother sounds too young to be from the Garcia-Valenzuela branch I am looking for. I very much appreciate you writing to me. I hope to visit Ures one day. I also have family from there with the names: Romo and Escalante. I would not be surprised if we were cousins farther back on the trees! 🙂 Have a wonderful day.


    1. murpher2 Post author

      Hello there! I have tried very hard to contact members of the Garcia family, but to no avail. I found a woman named Maria listed as his spouse in his obituary, but could find no other references for a wife. He had 7 children, but not one named Augustine. This Victor is buried in the Historical Section of Mt. View Cemetery, Calexico, CA.


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