Got Anything for Me, Folks?

Howdy all!

Spring has arrived and is very wet this year. After 17.5″ of rain in the month of May, we are (hopefully) drying out. We have been fortunate enough to have dramatic storms overhead, while the tornadoes have gone around us. Our season isn’t over though…

The last few months have been extremely busy. We had a family reunion in Texas. The boy was finishing school when we turned right around to the Odyssey of the Mind World Final’s at Michigan State University. (If you can find an OofM team for your kid, I cannot recommend it enough!)

We are now in a summer lull. I had an email from a nagging cousin insinuating that I wasn’t blogging recently. I told him I had found all and that there was nothing left to find. He did not believe me! How rude! 🙂

There is an endorphin-rush when clues come together, articles are discovered, and photos are shared by friends of the family. (A huge shout out the Landa family for finding us last week!) But in the cut-throat world of genealogy there are also “dry spells.” It breaks my heart, but it happens. And I am currently in a desert.

Honestly, I am at a point where I have validated all of my theories. Not all are published now. They will be eventually. I’m not in a rush. However, I am at an end of my list of “leads.” After 6 years of having this site I’ve found Tony’s first wife, chatted with her granddaughter, visited her grave. I discovered Tony was part of an international incident while kidnapping his sister’s assailant. I’ve gone through the Magic Photo/Letter Box to find the name of David Perez’s dad. Most of my “need to find” list is done.

I have been given one task. That is to find Elisario Higuera’s information before Yuma. His descendants are vast, but any info on his past and parents are sketchy. Elisario was a mover and a shaker. He was a successful business man, got a 40-acre land grant from the US Government, and put his name on the Native American Rolls right before his death. Quite the Jack of All Trades. He was elusive; a ninja. I will do my best. I also have to wait until more data on him is available.

I do need to hold a bake sale for Tio Jose in Brawley. I got an email that he had no headstone to photograph for I think he was buried in the “potter’s field” section of his cemetery. Sigh….

I digress. This is where you come in.

Got anything for me to look up? Any rumors you want to confirm? Deny? It may take a while, but I can see what I can do.

Please feel free to send me ideas. If they are super-sensitive, I can send you the results privately. If the story is super cool, and you think everyone would like to know what happened, consider letting me share the narrative here.

Thanks for listening. Off to watch The People’s Court…unless y’all send me something. Bye!




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